Our services are now back to 8am and 10am. We are strongly encouraging that people continue to wear masks in church and observe social distancing where possible.
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The family members of the Cafe family grave on the south side of St John’s churchyard are seeking to conduct restoration and relevelling work on the grave, and also raise, relevel, and turf the surrounding depressed areas. Surrounding graves may be affected by the raising of the ground and will also be re-turfed in efforts to improve drainage and to prevent water pooling around the grave.

Advice has been sought and no faculty is needed for this work. However, it has been agreed that some consultation should take place. Anybody with a nearby memorial who is concerned about the work should contact the incumbent within 30 days. Any such responses will then be considered by the PCC, and copied to the DAC office and the Chancellor of the diocese for additional consideration. if no such concerns are raised, the work will be given permission to be carried out.

Wednesday 28 July 2021.

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